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Home Staging To-Do List


Selling a home is stressful enough, and it seems like a daunting task to add more items to your to-do list. However, making sure that your home is in the most presentable form allows the home buyer to see the full potential of the space they are looking at, and truly imagine themselves living there. Home staging doesn’t have to be scary or excessive, and with just a few small adjustments, your home will be ready for the market.

Remove Personal Items: Items such as picture frames, artwork from your kids, etc. are all personal to you, but won’t be personal to home buyers. Removing these items will help those walking through your home see the potential in it being theirs.

Neutralize Your Decor: While your daughter may love that bright pink paint in her bedroom, buyers most likely won’t (especially if they don’t have kids). Touching up the paint in your house is also a quick way to make your home look fresh and clean. Keeping bright colors to a minimum helps buyers see the their vision in the space they are walking into.

Remove Clutter:  The tidiest homes often still need to be decluttered to make them ready for the market; every piece of decor affects how the space feels. Full bookshelves, items on the kitchen counter, and even the size of your furniture can make a space feel cramped and smaller than it is. Thin out the items on your surfaces and pack away as much from your closets as you can to visually expand these areas.

Less is More: This goes beyond just removing clutter from countertop spaces. If you can, storage units are a great way to clean out some of the home items that aren’t necessary. Doing so makes the spaces in your home look bigger, and give the buyers a better idea of what their household goods will look like in your space. If renting a storage unit or a POD isn’t an option for you, designate a specific space in your home for storage purposes.

Keep Personal Hygiene Items Hidden: Make sure once your home is listed, that items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup, perfumes and colognes, hair brushes, etc. are all hidden in drawers and underneath cabinets. This minor inconvenience helps the buyer see past the fact that they are walking through somebody else’s home.

Tackle Any Necessary Projects: This includes having your carpets cleaned (especially if you own pets), updating any outlets that look yellowed or outdated, replacing any burned out light bulbs and sprucing up your molding/walls to remove any chips and scuff marks. The same should be applied to your exterior space as well. Toys should be well hidden if you have children, weeds should be pulled, and deck or patio space should be tidy.

Keep Your Home Clean: Buyers come into homes with eagle-like eyes, so basic, every day maintenance is key, even after a good deep clean of your property. Clean off your kitchen and bathroom surfaces, vacuum floors, pick up any clutter that has accumulated and keep the outdoor areas tidy. Just fifteen minutes a day can keep it looking great so it’s always ready to show!


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