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    For Sale By Owner or a Real Estate Agent? How Do You Choose?

    By Stacy Kibler | February 13, 2019

    National Association of Realtors reports the majority of FSBOs eventually list their home with a Real Estate Agent. This may be due to the fact that a majority of Buyers are represented by a Real Estate Agent or because an owner who is trying to sell their home may lack the expertise to price their... Read More

    Three Easy Steps to Protect Your Personal Information During Showings

    By Stacy Kibler | February 13, 2019

    You have a property on the market that you want to be seen by potential Buyers. However, you don’t want your potential Buyers to know any more about you as a person than necessary. It might surprise you the things a Buyer might learn about you just by walking through your property! Personal items can... Read More

    First Night in a New Home! What are the Essentials You’ll Need?

    By Stacy Kibler | January 3, 2019

    Congratulations! You purchased your new home, and are beginning the transition from one home to another! Depending on your situation, whether you are just moving across town, from state to state, or in some cases, making an international move (hey Military friends! We see you!), you may not have immediate access to all of your... Read More

    Things to Know When Buying a Home

    By Stacy Kibler | January 3, 2019

      Buying a home for the first time can seem overwhelming for anybody. Browsing for properties online is easy enough, but do you know where to go from there? Most likely, the answer is no. Thankfully, with the right help and tools, your home buying experience can be stress free and exciting. 1. Find a... Read More

    Your Step-By-Step Guide to Mortgage Pre-Approval

    By Stacy Kibler | January 3, 2019

    You’ve done it! You took that leap, and decided that you are ready to purchase a home. Then quickly realized that it can be daunting and overwhelming when doing your initial research. But don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of hurdles to buying a home, but securing your home loan... Read More

    Why You Need a REALTOR to Help You Sell Your Home

    By Stacy Kibler | October 22, 2018

      Selling a home can be stressful enough for any home owner. With so many things to think about — setting the right price, staging, the seemingly never ending legal documents — it’s easy for a home seller to get overwhelmed quickly. Even still, many home owners choose to do it alone, and go the... Read More

    Home Staging To-Do List

    By Stacy Kibler | October 3, 2018

      Selling a home is stressful enough, and it seems like a daunting task to add more items to your to-do list. However, making sure that your home is in the most presentable form allows the home buyer to see the full potential of the space they are looking at, and truly imagine themselves living... Read More

    Tips for Winterizing Your Home

    By Stacy Kibler | September 28, 2018

      With Fall officially here, that means that Winter is in the near distance. And if you’re here in Colorado, then you know Winter can strike at any moment! We may still have warm weather during the day, but those temperatures at night are quickly dropping. Care should be taken to both the interior and... Read More